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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Useful? bibliography available


I submit for your perusal and enjoyment Dave's first bibliography of publications by our Chinese intellectuals, particularly in English.  As I mentioned, I'm giving a course this winter that will be loosely based on our SSHRC project, and needed such a bibliography so as to be able to assign readings.  It was far more work than I thought it would be, because there was more available in English than I had imagined.

The intellectuals covered are basically those that we've been talking about since the beginning, drawn from Chaohua Wang's One China, Many Paths and Émilie Frankiel's Parler politique en Chine.  I didn't integrate those on Timothy's lists that Alex worked on, but will eventually.  I used the Harvard catalogue, JSTOR, google scholar, etc., to track down their English-language publications, but also googled in Chinese as well, so as to find their blogs, or collections of their writings, etc.  I have no doubt that I have missed a great deal, but at least it is a start.

From looking through this, it is easy to imagine what our data base will eventually look like.  I have tried to include basic biographies (cribbed from various places), as well as publications.  The challenge will be to figure out what to do with the vast numbers of Chinese publications, but you have to start somewhere.

For our immediate concerns, we can at least check this bibliography to see if a text that looks interesting has already been looked at.  The text that we played around with at Josh's house last time, the one by Cui Zhiyuan on the Chongqing Model, has already been translated twice--a short version (and for that reason largely incomprehensible) in China 3.0 and a longer version somewhere else (check the bibliography).  Of course, this makes no difference since we were just having fun, but it would be less fun to spend a week or two on something to find out that an energetic grad student had already beat us to the punch.

This group of intellectuals is top-heavy with political scientists.  This makes sense, the world being what it is.  But as we move forward it would be interesting and useful to make conscious efforts to broaden the focus.  There aren't that many historians, for example, and no sociologists so far (Sun Liping was on the other list...).



  1. Where did you find all the frickin' energy to put that 66-page bibliography together!?

  2. I found this website with lots of commentary uploaded on author such as Jiang Qing.


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