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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Here's more on Frenkiel:

She's young--just defended her thesis in 2012.  Looks to be energetic--a lot of what she does is current affairs oriented.  If we want to make this "global" (Japan, Taiwan, etc.), I could probably rope her in.  I note that her first degree is in English.  Also that she went through the École normale supérieure.  this is where really smart people go.


Good to chat!

Here are some mapping possibilities.

A French book that just came out:  émilie frenkiel.  She interviewed a bunch of Chinese profs/public intellectuals in ways that seem to overlap with our project.  Here's list of her interview subjects:  usual suspects.  I'm meant to write a review of this book in the next little while.  Will let you know what I think.  She doesn't include a bibliography, damn her hide.

Another source is a volume of translations, again into French, by a buddy of mine, Sébastien Billioud:  extrême orient.  Again, you will see an overlap with our research field.

And of course, there's William A. Callahan's China Dreams, which we read last year and found a bit dumbed-down (maybe), but the intellectuals he profiled will surely be of use to us as well.

Monday, April 28, 2014

alex payette etc.

Hi guys.  You will need to create a google account if you haven't already done so.  All document sharing will go through google drive, and not having a gmail address slows things down.  I don't think this should complicate your lives unduly.  You can tell gmail to forward all messages to your usual email accounts, and in any event, for the purposes of our blog, having a gmail address simply means not having to ask for permissions all the time.

I'm reading Alex Payette's PhD thesis.  payette confucianism.  Alex is the guy who might well serve as our postdoc.  He did his PhD on local confucianism w André Laliberté at Ottawa.  I've only read the intro so far.  He's in poli sci, and did field work on local confucian institutes and activities, in hopes of talking about "cultural governance."   In any event, on pps 75ff he talks about "three types of confucianism" in a way that looks superficially similar to our division of 3 types of intellectuals, and cites Ai, Jiawen. 2008. « The refunctioning of Confucianism: The mainland Chinese intellectual response to Confucianism since the 1980s» Issues and Studies 44 (2):
29-78; and Ai, Jiawen. 2009. « Two Sides of One Coin: the party's attitude toward Confucianism in
contemporary China » Journal of Contemporary China 18 (61): 689-701.

Do you guys know Ai Jiawen?  I'll track down the articles and post them here.  I will be in Taiwan in a couple of weeks (groan, just got home) and could presumably track him down if it might be useful.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tim's test

Now I am trying to see how to post. The difference is, I suppose, that a fresh post constitutes a new "thread" or title?

Also, I confess I had a bit of difficulty finding how to post after looking at David's. That is, once going through his posts (and successfully posting responses to each) I found myself on a page from which I could not post a new post or get to a place to do that. Then I noticed I had two tabs open, so I will have to remember to go back to the "root" page to post.  Such challenges....

Test post 4


Test post 3

A post with a link to a pdf file:  Zemma ban?

Test post 2

A post with a link to a document word:  detailed description

Test post

Trying to imagine a forum for all of us to exchange ideas, information, activities, without such exchanges being lost in email limbo.  David