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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good to chat!

Here are some mapping possibilities.

A French book that just came out:  émilie frenkiel.  She interviewed a bunch of Chinese profs/public intellectuals in ways that seem to overlap with our project.  Here's list of her interview subjects:  usual suspects.  I'm meant to write a review of this book in the next little while.  Will let you know what I think.  She doesn't include a bibliography, damn her hide.

Another source is a volume of translations, again into French, by a buddy of mine, Sébastien Billioud:  extrême orient.  Again, you will see an overlap with our research field.

And of course, there's William A. Callahan's China Dreams, which we read last year and found a bit dumbed-down (maybe), but the intellectuals he profiled will surely be of use to us as well.


  1. Callahan was at AAS. Did you meet him, Tim? I saw his name on the program and then forgot about it. Frenkiel's book appears not only to overlap with our project but with the core of Tim's work on intellectuals under socialism. Let us know what you think, David. I haven't read an entire book in French in quite (!) some time.

  2. Yep. Watched the 10 minute video of interviews--not bad, and truly funny stuff from Ai Weiwei; I'm going to use it in class, if it's on You Tube. And had a nice chat with him. He's an easy going guy, busy about his work, cheerful and interested. He's attending the workshop in London I'm going to (Leigh Jenco on "Chinese thought as a contribution to general social theory"--more news on that as it comes to hand).



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