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Monday, April 28, 2014

alex payette etc.

Hi guys.  You will need to create a google account if you haven't already done so.  All document sharing will go through google drive, and not having a gmail address slows things down.  I don't think this should complicate your lives unduly.  You can tell gmail to forward all messages to your usual email accounts, and in any event, for the purposes of our blog, having a gmail address simply means not having to ask for permissions all the time.

I'm reading Alex Payette's PhD thesis.  payette confucianism.  Alex is the guy who might well serve as our postdoc.  He did his PhD on local confucianism w André Laliberté at Ottawa.  I've only read the intro so far.  He's in poli sci, and did field work on local confucian institutes and activities, in hopes of talking about "cultural governance."   In any event, on pps 75ff he talks about "three types of confucianism" in a way that looks superficially similar to our division of 3 types of intellectuals, and cites Ai, Jiawen. 2008. « The refunctioning of Confucianism: The mainland Chinese intellectual response to Confucianism since the 1980s» Issues and Studies 44 (2):
29-78; and Ai, Jiawen. 2009. « Two Sides of One Coin: the party's attitude toward Confucianism in
contemporary China » Journal of Contemporary China 18 (61): 689-701.

Do you guys know Ai Jiawen?  I'll track down the articles and post them here.  I will be in Taiwan in a couple of weeks (groan, just got home) and could presumably track him down if it might be useful.


  1. Nope. But I have hard copies of I&S at CCR and will look these 2008 and 2009 articles up. Not sure if any of our university libraries subscribe...

    1. Ai Jiawen did a PhD at University of Melbourne and might be between jobs at the moment. He/she doesn't come up as a professor anywhere, unless it's in a Chinese university that doesn't put english names on line


  2. 艾佳雯.

    Link to her Thesis :

  3. Hi all !

    I'll be sure to keep posting if I find any other paper published by her. So far, I could only gather the 2008 and 2009 (Issues and Studies). The 2009 is ok but not very detailed. The 2008 form Issues and Studies is the one look out for, very interesting and many sources.

    Last time I checked she was still doing post-docs. I'll try to get updates on that as well.


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