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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Test post

Trying to imagine a forum for all of us to exchange ideas, information, activities, without such exchanges being lost in email limbo.  David

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  1. Testing what a "comment" to a post looks like. I like the idea of a limited-access blog spot--a place where we can share and save all those things related to the project that generally are in my chaotic email in box or files spread across three computers. But I think Josh and I, well certainly me, will have to learn how to make best use of this format.

    David--do you have some favourite blogs that show what these formats can do? I'm thinking in terms of "threads", "archives", etc.

    In due time we would have at least our SSHRC collaborators on, and probably our collaborative translators, and if this grows, a good few more people doing the same thing.


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