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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gan Chunsong (干春松)

I realized I stumbled accross this scholar a little while ago and was wondering if it would be of any interest to anyone, especially regarding Confucians with national audience.

Gan has a Ph.D in philosophy and is a professor at 北京大学儒学研究院. As such he is also acquainted with Li Zhonghua (李中华). Also, Gan is an editorial board member on the infamous 原道 magazine, directed by Chen Ming (陈明). He is usually considered to be part of the same generation that includes Kang Xiaoguang.

Here is the book I read a few years back :

Otherwise, go to my folder and find : 制度化儒家及其解体. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ge Zhaoguang

new ge zhaoguang book

Josh's comment:

Ge Zhaoguang may just be the most brilliant Chinese of his generation,
and this work is nicely situated in what he's been doing for years at
his Institute for Advanced Studies at Fudan: placing China in Asia.
Because he's got money, he's brought scholars who work with Kanji texts
from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.--and other scholars from around the
world. He's also a really nice guy. On both front (smart, nice), way
better to work worth than, say, Wang Hui. Ben Elman is close to him. I'd
love to involve him somehow in our work.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Axel Schneider's blog on changing status of history in China today

Axel's blog is called "History, Ethics, and Faith in China"

The description begins:

"This is a blog about the changing status of history in China today.

"After a century of the dominance of “scientific” history as a modern academic discipline, the decline of both, historical materialism and the modernization paradigm, as well as the rise of market-oriented forms of historical representation (historical short stories, TV soaps, popular historiography) have left many disoriented, which is why Chinese historians and intellectuals start to question notions of objective knowledge about progressive history. The transition from pre-modern to these now increasingly discredited modern notions of time and history has thus become a focus of interest."

I like his defense of "faith" in his title of the blog.

Clearly in its early stages of constructions. Most of the sections of the blog are "under construction", but WEBLINKS have some useful links and the only activity I found was on the right column of the"homepage"--"Recent Posts".  All in Chinese and all pretty academic.  Still, worth keeping an eye on for our project.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

history labs technology

Hey guys:

once we get the history labs up and running, we will need a better platform than Skype--especially, one that will allow us to integrate audio with text and text management.  essentially, we will want to be able to hear one another (visuals of our ugly mugs is perhaps less important), but see at least a Chinese text, and perhaps even a translation we are working on.

we could probably improvise something, but given that we have money, it might make more sense to actually buy/rent a service.

gotomeeting is one such service I had heard of.  here's the review of it, which is positive but not glowing.  similar products with better reviews are listed in the upper right hand corner of the review.

click on its demonstration, which will give you an (overly rosy) view of what these things do.

among other things, these services allow us to record the session, which would be very useful for group members who could not attend, or for our own propaganda (we could youtube the sessions).

we'll have to test out various things.