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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Axel Schneider's blog on changing status of history in China today

Axel's blog is called "History, Ethics, and Faith in China"

The description begins:

"This is a blog about the changing status of history in China today.

"After a century of the dominance of “scientific” history as a modern academic discipline, the decline of both, historical materialism and the modernization paradigm, as well as the rise of market-oriented forms of historical representation (historical short stories, TV soaps, popular historiography) have left many disoriented, which is why Chinese historians and intellectuals start to question notions of objective knowledge about progressive history. The transition from pre-modern to these now increasingly discredited modern notions of time and history has thus become a focus of interest."

I like his defense of "faith" in his title of the blog.

Clearly in its early stages of constructions. Most of the sections of the blog are "under construction", but WEBLINKS have some useful links and the only activity I found was on the right column of the"homepage"--"Recent Posts".  All in Chinese and all pretty academic.  Still, worth keeping an eye on for our project.

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