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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Series on Developing China — Translated Research from China

 Did anybody knew about this series?
Series on Developing China — Translated Research from China
Wang Zhongwei (CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee)
Qin Shaode (Fudan University)
Pan Shiwei (CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee)

Deputy Directors
Deng Zhenglai (Fudan University)
Chen Xin (Shanghai Century Publishing Company Ltd.)

Editorial Committee Members
Chen Jiaming (Xiamen University)
Chen Jiaying (Capital Normal University)
Chen Sihe (Fudan University)
Fan Gang (China Reform Foundation)
Fang Liufang (China University of Politica Science and Law)
Gao Yi (Peking University)
Guo Qiyong (Wuhan University)
He Huaihong (Peking University)
He Qinhua (East China University of Political Science and Law)
Hu Jingbei (Tongji University)
Jiang Yihua (Fudan University)
Li Qiang (Tsinghua University)
Lin Shangli (Fudan University)
Liu Kang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Liu Qingping (Fudan University)
Liu Shijun (CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee)
Ma Min (Huazhong Normal University)
Mao Shoulong (Renmin University of China)
Qin Hui (Tsinghua University)
Qin Yaqing (China Foreign Affairs University)
Sang Yucheng (Fudan University)
Shen Dingli (Fudan University)
Shen Zhihua (East China Normal University)
Shi Jinchuan (Zhejiang University)
Shi Yinhong (Renmin University of Chin)
Sun Liping (Tsinghua University)
Sun Zhouxing (Tongji University)
Tong Shijun (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
Wang Hui (Tsinghua University)
Wang Yuechuan (Peking University)
Wei Sen (Fudan University)
Xu Jilin (East China Normal University)
Xu Xianming (Shandong University)
Xu Yong (Huazhong Normal University)
Xu Zhangrun (Tsinghua University)
Yang Nianqun (Renmin University of China)
Yao Yang (Peking University)
Yu Keping (Central Compilation and Translation Bureau)
Zhang Jun (Fudan University)
Zhang Shuguang (Academic Committee of Beijing Unirule Institute of Economics)
Zhang Weiying (Peking University)
Zhang Wenxian (Jilin University)
Zhang Xiaojin (Tsinghua University)
Zhou Guoping (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Series on Developing China — Translated Research from China contains a collection of the most outstanding academic articles written by prestigious Chinese scholars of humanities and social sciences within the last 30 years. All the contributors are native Chinese scholars who have experienced China's dramatic changes by themselves. In the past, research done by Chinese scholars has not been adequately represented in English due to the language barrier. In this series, all the volumes are quality works translated from Chinese to English. This series will benefit international readers interested in China's reform process and the development of Chinese humanities and social sciences.

This series is jointly launched by World Scientific Co Pte Ltd and Truth & Wisdom Press, Shanghai Century Publishing Company Ltd. All the volumes have Chinese version published by Shanghai Century.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Alex. Their books are so expensive. But also, like David mentioned in the previous post, this series is mostly on China's economics, international relations and law and governance.


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